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Good morning

A little cooler outside this morning. Figures😡 I have a long run planned for Friday morning and it looks like it will be around -15. These are some of the joys of training through the winter months. Need to win the lottery and move to Hawaii. Who am I kidding though. If I won the lottery and moved to Hawaii I wouldn’t train I would just sit on the beach and drink beer🤙🍺

My session with Andy yesterday was a blast, as usual. Lots of squats and core work, chin ups, presses, bike and treadmill work.

No burpees today so I call that a WIN for me.

Also, we have been working towards holding a plank of 8 minutes. We add a minute every week. We were up to 4 minutes. Andy has had me up to 5 minutes last year. He forgot it yesterday. I didn’t say anything🤞 Knowing Andy, next week he will add 2 minutes to make up for it.

I also got my 30 minutes of yoga in. If this blogging thing has done anything it has made me accountable to yoga so thank you. Hopefully it has the same effect on my weight.

What is up for today? 2000 m swim this morning and a 30 minute bike ride tonight. I only have time for 30 minutes today. I get home from work and then I have to head right back out to another meeting so I can only squeeze a 30 in. I will make it a tough one though. I will push the big gear today to make up for the short time frame. It will be like hill climbing for 30 minutes.

The swim’s main set will be 3 x 500 m on 30 sec rest. This is what I call swim workout B. I took 5 2000 m workouts and 5 3500-4000 m workouts from my 2008 program and I just rotate through them on my swim days. Long swims on Sundays and the 2000 m swims on Tuesday and Thursday.

I am enjoying writing this blog. It is a bit of reflection, story telling, therapy all rolled into one😁 However, I think I am running out of things to talk about on a daily basis. I don’t want people to stop reading it but I also want it to be an enjoyable read. Make it as interesting as it can be reading about someone training every day. I think I am going to go to a Monday blog starting Feb 27. That is exactly 6 months out from race day and I can recap the week that was and what is going to happen the upcoming week. Once per week and I will be able to fill the pages with gold😏👍 Maybe not but I will try and if anything pops up that I have to tell you about or get off my mind I might add the odd extra blog in during the week but for sure look for the blog every Monday morning going forward.

Wanted to mention this yesterday. Found out a friend of mine from back home is training for his 5th IRONMAN!!!!! That is nuts! Love it! That is commitment. Chad, you are officially the toughest guy I know (craziest too). I say that with all the love in my heart😁 5?!!!? I can’t imagine doing 2 more after IRONMAN CDA. Looking forward to your success in your upcoming race. Keep me posted man.

Hey everyone, have a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend. Talk to you all on Monday when we are exactly 6 months out.



Because winter has come back, I added a nice photo of a summer ride in Alberta👌





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