26 Weeks

img_1963Feb 26, 2017 8:10 pm

Good evening,

26 Weeks until race day. 6 months to go. Time flies.

This past week of training ended well except for my Friday long run. Here is a first world problem for you, I locked myself out of my cell phone and couldn’t unlock it to use it.

How does that affect your training you ask? I will tell you. I had to call Apple support line Friday morning, which worked fine but due to the length of the phone call, cut my run short in the morning so I thought I would tack on the rest in the afternoon. However, when I got to work I had more tech problems which I had to deal with which in turn piled my work up. I was on the phone for an hour fixing my tech issues. Needless to say by the time I got my work done and returned home I only had time for another short run before heading out.  21st century problems right? Frustrating when work and technology cut into my workouts 😁

My Saturday long bike and run went well, 60 min on the bike followed by a 25 min run. Felt good, pushed hard for the 60 min, passed the time watching an episode of Mad Men. Onto Season 4 now. They drank a lot in the early 60s🍺 A LOT!

Sunday, long swim. 3600 m total. Main set was 3 x ( 400 m/300 m/200 m/100 m). 3000 m for the main set. Felt good. 30 sec rest between each rep and 1 min rest between sets. Nobody was at the pool this morning. The pool was packed Tuesday, somewhat full Thursday and basically no one Sunday. The weather this a.m was winter-ish so people probably just stayed in bed.

It is crunch time now. No more fooling around. Can’t miss workouts, can’t mess with diet, have to be very focused going forward. Hopefully we will have an early spring so I can get outside and get on the long rides. The first 6 months of my training went by in a flash, I anticipate that the next 6 will go by even faster.

What is on tap this week? The same.

Monday, Yoga.

Tuesday, 2000 m swim and Yoga at night. A client of mine has opened a massage, acupuncture, wellness studio and now has added yoga. I am going to attend a class for an hour Tuesday so my normal Tuesday ride will be Wednesday night.

Wednesday will be weights and ride.

Thursday will be another 2000 m swim and bike.

Friday I will try to get that long run in along with some weight training.  I will keep my hands off of all technology that day. Hopefully a 12km run.

Saturday another long ride and brick run and another long swim Sunday.

As you can tell, each week is the same. Swim, bike, run, weights, yoga, repeat. The distances may vary from day to day, week to week, but it is repeat, repeat, repeat.

Over a months time I like to slowly increase the run and bike distances each week and then by the end of month pull back that mileage a bit. An example for running would be one week 7 km, next week 10 km, following week 14 km then a 6km run at the end of the month. That is for the Friday runs. Same goes for the Saturday bikes. Build each week and drop it down on the fourth. When I move outside for the long bike rides, I want to be able to get out on the first ride and go for 4-5 hours so now I will need to be building on the trainer as much as possible. It does test your mental toughness to do a 2 hour ride indoors. I did a 3 hour one once, hated every second of it. I rented the first two Matrix movies.(maybe that is why I hated it) Back in 2008 you could still rent DVDs, Blockbuster was still around. I think Blockbuster was around. I got the DVDs from somewhere or someone. If the weather is nice I will ride my fat tire bike outside to break up the boredom of indoor riding.

On Wednesday I will post my total mileage from Aug to Feb 28 so you can see what has been done up to now. I hope my 3 triathlon mates post their totals in the comment box so you can check them out too. I know they have done much more than I. They are winners:-)

Take care




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