IMG_0479May 29, 4:55 a.m.

Good morning,

Sorry about last week. I started to count up instead of counting down. I got it right this week. 13 weeks left until race day.

It was a beautiful week weather-wise. Except Wednesday when a rain and wind storm came in. I believe that the wind reached close to 90-100 km at times! It was nuts. Trees down everywhere. 20-30 mm of rain. It was only for one day though. Other than that the weather was great.

RV and LAZ took part in an Olympic Distance Triathlon.(I think it was Olympic distance) The race was yesterday, they had fantastic weather for it and the two of them crushed it👍. Congrats guys.

I took advantage of the fact that they were doing a triathlon on the weekend and would not have a long bike ride Saturday. My wife and I got on our mountain bikes and explored some new single track in our river valley. For those that don’t know, Edmonton’s river valley has exceptional single track that takes you from one end of town to the other. Amazing and underrated. The great thing is you can drop in on the trails anywhere, right in town. You don’t have to drive to find them.

Our Saturday mountain bike ride turned into a bit of a hike a bike. Lots of trees down from the Wednesday storm plus we came across some trails that had nasty climbs. We had fun though and, as always, we ended our mountain bike ride with a couple of pints🍺

The training week was light this past week. No big mileage or long swims. My Sunday swim was cut short due to a swim meet. Provincials I believe. Lots of teams. I didn’t mind the light work load.

Back at it again this week. Joe and I have a Gran Fondo in Jasper on the 10th of June. 165 km bike ride. Need to get prepared for that. My goal is to get in 5 hours of riding this Saturday.

As you have probably noticed, the weeks don’t change much. Swim, bike, run. You build, you bring it back down, build again, with the focus to build to race day being as ready and as rested as you can be. Start building again this week. The heavy lifting is coming. July and August will have some really long bike days.

Enjoy your week.

Take care




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