Monday Aug 21, 2017 4:59 a.m.

Good morning,

Yes, one week until race day. The year has gone by fast. I started training for this race August 23, 2016. Here we are today. Crazy how time flies.

This weeks photo was taken by LAZ after he had finished his 180 km training ride a few weeks ago. What I love about this photo is the parking lot. When we started that morning, the parking lot was full. When a person rides 180 km, the parking lot is empty when you are done😁

Not much to really talk about this week. Got my training in. Except Thursday morning. I got to the pool and realized I forgot my towel😡 Second time in the training year that I have done that. As luck would have it I realized this in the parking lot not when I was finished the swim.

The weather forecast for Sunday in Coeur d’Alene is sunny and 33 degrees.


That might throw a wrench in everyone’s plans when it comes to personal goals. When it gets hot like that the goal is to finish, but that is for later in the week to worry about.

This week’s training will look like this:

Monday – short run

Tuesday – swim

Wednesday – OFF(head to race)

Thursday – short swim/bike

Friday – swim one lap of the race course

Saturday – OFF (drink lots of water, stay off my feet as much as possible)

Sunday – swim 3.8 km, bike 180 km and run 42 km.

There is always lots of administration stuff to do when you get to an IRONMAN race. There is race package pick up, bike check, drive the bike course to get a feel, hit the tents that are selling all the gear. We will be very busy later this week. 20 of us are heading down in total. The 4 of us doing the race and 16 people who feel it is a great excuse to come and party🍺 It will be fun😉

I will post another blog before the race and one the morning after.

Talk to you soon.

Enjoy the day.



2 thoughts on “1 WEEK: ENOUGH SAID

  1. 33 still the forecast. 34 on monday for pool day 🙂 Been a grwat year of training and lots of laughs for the 4 of us. Laz feeling ready to go


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