IMG_0799August 14, 2017 5:03 a.m.

Good morning,

I took this photo on my last long ride a few weeks ago. A little airport just south of Sherwood Park. I know the title for this week’s blog is corny but I couldn’t think of anything else👎

Just about over! Cannot wait for August 27th. Not only to do the race but to be done training. I am all trained out. It takes every ounce of my mental capacity (which, if you knew me, isn’t much) to get my training sessions in. I am already looking forward to the day I can come home and not have to train, not have to get on bike and not have to run if I don’t want to.

This is the part that probably has been the hardest. Time commitment. I feel I have done a great job in my training but I realize now at 50 years of age I have way more interests than I did when I was 41. I have not liked sacrificing the other things in life for this one moment. I have done it but don’t like it.

None the less, we are here.

This past week I had my 2 last long training sessions. My long run on Friday and my long swim on Sunday. On Friday, I went out mid day, it was HOT! Which is good, it is going to be really hot in CDA when we get there. Jen supported me again with her bike, she hauled the water and essentials and kept me company while I ran 25 KM. With her there it goes by in a flash. I was very happy with my run. My pace was 6:12 min/km which is much higher than I want to run during the race. Granted, I didn’t swim or bike before the  run but I was very pleased. I have been pleased with my run training all year.

My long swim didn’t happen. I arrived at the pool only to find a full parking lot😡 Lot of kids with swim bags heading into the pool. I didn’t even stop, I know a swim meet when I see one. I did a u turn and headed home. I don’t like swimming enough to fight the crowd. I can get that swim in this week ( or never ). My swim is not going to get faster or slower by doing or not doing this one workout. I can squeeze an extra swim in this week if I feel I need to but I don’t think I do.

I lied.

I didn’t go home directly from the swim. I went and visited my Dad’s gravesite. He died August 13, 2015. 2 years ago. The only reason I bring this up is that I brought my Dad and my Mom to my last IRONMAN in CDA in 2008. My Dad really enjoyed it. He loved watching all the athletes compete (his son included). He got some golf in too, so the trip wasn’t a complete waste😁 I was going to go visit him on Sunday anyway but not swimming just meant I had more time to be there at his gravesite so I will take that.

My bike rides were odd this week. Tuesday’s was fine but Thursday and Saturday were not. Thursday I went out for an hour or so ride. It ended up being 15 minutes. I could not get settled on my bike. It was not comfortable from the start and I got out about 2.5 km and I had to turn around and come home. Very strange, never experienced anything like it. EVER! I was so mad at myself, frustrated. Not sure what happened but I was not pleased.

Saturday I had a 2 hour ride planned. I did the 2 hour ride but it felt like a lot of work. I attributed the lack lustre performance to the long run I had the day before. Not sure that was the reason, maybe it was. I got my ride in followed by a 15 minute run. It went well. Maybe the bike just didn’t have the energy it usually does on a Saturday, not sure but it felt lethargic at best. I got what I needed to get done so that is all that matters.

This week will be a typical week of workouts but the mileage will be lower and I will kick up the intensity a bit. Shorter bikes and runs but a little quicker pace. Next week I will be taking planned days off prior to the race.

Almost there. I can now see Sunday August 27 on the horizon. It can’t come quick enough.

Enjoy the day.



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