July 24, 2017 4:58 a.m.

Good morning,

The two photos above show what a person needs ( at least what I need ) to complete a 6 hour ride. M and M’s, Gummie Bears, Salted Almonds, Cliff Bar, Power Gels and of course lots of fluids, water and Gatorade.

After last weeks poor showing on the bike I felt I had to get out this week and do a long ride on my own to test my mental toughness. I wasn’t happy with the way I just pulled the plug after couple of hours of riding last week. It bothered me, it was on my mind everyday.

On Saturday I headed out for a 6 hour ride on my own. LAZ was on holidays with his family, JOE was on holidays with his family and RV was doing a shorter ride and longer run. I thought it was a good weekend to head out and test my mental strength. Nothing like being on your bike for 6 hours, alone, to see “what you got”.

Mother Nature sure has made up for the lousy weather we had early in our training. Another sunny, warm day. No wind to speak of. It was a perfect day to ride☀️🚴🏻

To keep things simple I decided to head out for 1 hour and then turn around and come back to my vehicle. 2 hour loop, 3 times. Each time back at the vehicle I could refill my water bottles, take on some food and head back out.

The first two loops were fantastic. I was really pedalling strong. Felt great. You have a lot of time to think about things while you are pedalling alone for that long. Work, the race, what you are going to do on Sunday, etc.

The third lap went well but a slight headwind had developed on the last 1 hour ride back to the car. Nothing of any significance but noticeable. I had to work to keep my pace.

When I was done I had covered 156 KM in 6 hours and 2 minutes. The last long ride I did prior to this one was 155 KM in 6 hours 18 minutes. I did have a great ride😁

I was thrilled and relieved. The loop I chose was not as hilly as we normally ride so less climbing means my overall speed was faster but I was so happy with the fact that I was able to sit on my bike for 6 hours and not pack it in. A big relief.

I am looking forward to riding with the guys again shortly, I wouldn’t want to spend another 6 hours by myself. BORING!!!!

I did a 10 minute brick run after the ride, felt good and then I called it a day.

All in all, a good training week. Not many weeks left. I believe LAZ has a long ride to do next week so I will join him on his ride. RV is competing in a triathlon next week so he won’t be available to ride and JOE will still be holidays ( I think ).

Oh ya, before I forget, LAZ finished a HALF IRONMAN yesterday in Penticton. I don’t know what his time was but sounds like he had a great race. All 3 guys have competed in a HALF IRONMAN this year. JOE and RV did one in early July, that is a story in itself.

I have not done a triathlon in 9 years. I decided I have one triathlon left in me and that will be on August 27.

Hope my strategy pays off😳👍

Take care






  1. Solo days are the hardest and it turns out, what actually make us ready to become Ironmen. I’ve just started to follow your blog and I’m pumped for your race that happens to be starting in about an hour or so! My fav event IMCdA! I hope you have the best day!


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