IMG_0734IMG_0737Monday July 10, 2017 4:54 a.m.

Good morning,

What a week!!! Beautiful weather☀️

It was hot here every day and it was wonderful. I don’t mind when it hits 27 or 28 degrees. I just think back to the cold rides we have had this training season or I just think back to winter and I love every second of the heat. Keep it coming Mother Nature.

It was a really good week of training. As I mentioned last week, with only 2 months remaining the big miles show up on our training calendar. Saturday RV and I completed a 6 hour 15 min bike. It always feels great and a big confidence booster when you can put that kind of time in the bike. It ended up being 155 KM for me and I think RV might have been around 160 – 165 KM.

On our bike ride we would head out for a few hours, return to our vehicles, re load with fluid and food and then head back out. Tough to carry 6 hours worth of water and food on your bike without weighing you down unnecessarily. I was going through my fluids fast. Normally I can use two of my water bottles and they can get me through 2:30 hours of biking. On Saturday they were lasting me about 2 hours, maybe a little less.

Perfect day to ride though, no wind (until the last 35 minutes when it became a head wind), beautiful blue sky and we had lots of people show up to ride with. 5 people came out to ride with RV, JOE, LAZ and I. Hope, Phipper, Brian, Lloyd and George of the Jungle. Time flies when you have a large group, people to chat with. The majority of the group did the first 3 hours then JOE, RV, LAZ and I headed out for another 2 hours and then it was just RV and I to round the ride to just over 6 hours.

Of course we ran after. I only did a 10 minute brick run, RV ran for 40 minutes. Good job RV. Glad you are not a slacker😃

The rest of the training week went well too. Friday’s long run (which was a short run) was also hot, really hot! Those hot runs tend to be at a very slow pace and making sure I drink lots of fluids. I have a 30 km run this week coming up and the weather looks hot all week. I like to train in the heat, it will be warm at the IRONMAN in August, I better prepare for a long run in warm weather.

Swims went well. I haven’t monitored my swim times in many months so I thought I would see where I am at this week. I was very happy with my swim times. If I can swim at the pace I was swimming this week on race day, I would be stoked. Sunday there was a swim meet and even though they leave a few lanes for the public, it is too crowded for my liking so I went home and did yoga😊

I did have a good week of stretching/yoga. Hopefully, I can duplicate it this week.

Since I did yoga yesterday I am going to run this morning and then back to my regular training schedule for the remainder of the week.

The clock is ticking.

Have a great day.


Photo above (left to right) LAZ, George of the Jungle, Phipper, RV, JOE, Brian, Hope and Lloyd.


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