IMG_0656IMG_0678Tuesday July 4, 2017 4:54 a.m.

Good morning,

I got lots of positive comments on the photo of the Village Brewery truck on my last blog that I thought I should show the other door today. Great beer by the way. Turns out I am not the only one who likes them😁🍺 They were the beer provider for the K 100 and we had our fair share…maybe more than our fair share😉

I posted my totals last week for the month of June and since I started my training. June had the lowest swim total compared to the last several months. It seemed like, in June, I had to switch around my swim workouts or miss them and add something different due to work or travel. I was still able to get in just over 20,000 m but I need to be better these next two months. My biking was good, my running was good. Yoga and Nutrition were average at best. Need to really work on those two areas for the next two months. I think I say that every week😡

I went up to my home town of Grande Prairie this past long weekend. I went to visit my Mom, haven’t been up there since January. I brought my mountain bike to ride. One reason is they have great cross country ski trails that are excellent for biking on in the summer and second I am not the familiar with the highways up there anymore. There is a lot of truck traffic so I wasn’t comfortable riding my road bike.

I should have taken my road bike😳

I went out the trails to ride for a few hours on Saturday. GP must be getting a lot of rain because every single track I would go on would come to a large mud bog. I would navigate around it or turn back. It happened time and time again. I was getting no flow on my bike so I decided I would stick to the double track. It was more grassy but seemed dry. It wasn’t bad riding. As long as I was on a flat or going downhill I did not notice the 7 MILLION mosquitoes out there but once I stopped or started climbing…OMG!!!! It was terrible. I thought two of the mosquitoes were going to throw me off my bike and steal it, they were that large.

All I could muster was 1 hour out there. The bugs were so bad. I drove back into town and road my bike around GP. I just wanted the time in the saddle. I decided it had been a long time since I had seen some old sites so I peddled around looked at the home I grew up in, the home my wife grew up in, schools I went to, places we hung out as kids. It was a nice way to bike and kill an afternoon sight seeing😊 It was a lot of fun. No mosquitoes to bother me either.

I got a couple of nice runs in as well. One of them was with some good friends of mine, Stranny and Butter. We got out for a nice cross country run before I had to head home. Butter brought bug spray so the run was enjoyable. The other run I did on my own on the Friday that I arrived. It was HOT! I didn’t take any water on that run and I think I paid for it that evening. Felt really tired and drained. My mistake. I didn’t realize how hot it was.

Two months to go. I was looking at my bike schedule and I have no bike rides less than 5 hours for the next 7 weeks. I also have some long runs, 27-30 km. It will not be an easy two months but I just have to “embrace the suck” and get through it because these next two months are really important. Getting the body use to 6-7 hour rides, being on your feet for 3 hours or more, those are a must.

Race day is around the corner.

Enjoy your day.


The other photo is the beautiful Wapiti River just south of Grande Prairie. A beautiful valley.


2 thoughts on “8 WEEKS: MOSQUITOES

  1. Yoga is a tricky one! I feel better when I do it regularly, but making the time to do it seems to be a challenge…and you can’t rush it…it’s a frame of mind as well. Good luck.


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