IMG_0384Monday May 22, 2017 6:07 a.m

Good morning,

What a week of weather we had😊☀️

It was so nice to get out and not be battling the elements, wearing 10 lbs of gear and being cold.

The past week did not start off promising weather-wise but as each day went by the weather got better. By the time I did my 27 km run on Friday and my 111 km bike on Saturday the weather was perfect.

I had a really good week of training. Since Kelowna was under flood watch, I stayed home and had a week here to maximize my training while doing a little bit of work. Sadly, most days I put in about 6 hours of work in between my training so not as much of a stay-cation as I thought but what can you do.

I got 3 solid bike rides in, set a PB in a timed 1000 m swim, biked 111 km and ran 17 km and 27 km. It was a good week😃

I don’t think my longest runs will be much further than the 27 km I did on Friday. Felt great the whole way. My pace was excellent. The swim and the run both feel ready for the August race. The bike…I still need to get some long rides in. My fitness is there but sitting on a bike seat for 7-8 hours is something you need to experience and get use to. Between now and the end of August I will make sure I get at least 2-3 180 km bike rides in and plenty of 120-160 km rides in.

This week the miles will be light. Longest run will be 10 km and maybe a 2 hour ride on the weekend along with my 60-90 minutes rides on Tuesday and Thursday. Swim distances remain the same, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

RV and LAZ are doing an Olympic Distance Triathlon on Sunday (not sure if Joe is or not) so they won’t be riding long or at all on Saturday so I will take that opportunity to do a shorter ride ( maybe get out on my mountain bike and explore the trails ) and get ready for next week where I am sure we will be back putting on the mileage. June 10 Joe and I have a 165 km bike ride in Jasper to do so I need to focus on that.

My nutrition took a back seat the past two weeks. I put on 5 lbs 😡 Did not watch what I was eating and it got away on me. Started to refocus late this past week. I have noticed the extra weight on my runs and any hills that we climb on the bike. Not good. My goal is to get down to 185 lbs for race day and this set back has put some pressure on me to show discipline over the next 3 months.

Yes, that is all that is left, 3 MONTHS.

Day off today, YOGA in the late afternoon. Other than that, walk my puppy for a few hours and relax. Holiday Monday, no point doing too much😉

Take care


( fyi, the photo above is of one of my fave bike snacks, jujubes. A delicious treat to have on the bike when you are out for 4 plus hours. Snickers bars are also good, breaks up having to eat power gels all the time )


One thought on “WEEK 14: STAY-CATION OVER

  1. Tried Dinasours on the bike. Tasty but too chewy and stick to the teeth. So they are out, back to gummy bears


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