IMG_0361Monday May 15, 2017 6:04 a.m.

MOTHER NATURE!!! Why do you hate me so?

Every Saturday long ride since the first weekend in April has had rain. It has either rained the whole bike ride or parts of it but it has rained. The only Saturday it didn’t rain was the Saturday I was working😡

This past Saturday, the four of us headed out at 7:30 a.m. in the rain. Our objective was to ride for up to 3 hours. One hour out we were soaked, feet starting to freeze and even rain proof gear soaks through eventually.

LAZ (shown above) was the toughest of all of us, he stayed out for a couple of hours or more but the rest of us pulled the plug about an hour and 40 minutes into the ride. RV went for a run, LAZ kept biking and then went for a run, JOE and I went for coffee😊☕️

When we were out we found this old gas station. It looked abandoned. The name made us laugh for about 5 minutes. Had to get a photo.


I was going to head to Kelowna yesterday to train for a week. I don’t know how I missed all the news but I found out last Friday that there was extensive flooding there. We were going to stay with a friend but she said don’t bother coming down, it wasn’t looking good at all. I went on-line and found a photo of people sandbagging around her home. INSANE!! The road to her place was flooded out.

We decided to stay home ( not much of decision really ). So, I have this week to do lots of training, some work and enjoy our Edmonton spring. It is raining this morning but the week looks good.

Last week turned out completely different from how I planned. Work continued to be really busy and interfered with my training. I missed two bike rides during the week, cut short one swim session and did not get a long run in. All hampered by a work schedule that was crazy. On Friday, my dog Harley and I headed out for a run. About 4 km in he felt the need to just lay in the grass at a park. I turned off my watch and joined him. It wasn’t exercise but it was fun just laying there looking up at the sky with my pup🐶

By Thursday I realized there was no point in fighting it so I decided that last week would be a recovery week and that this week I would go all out and have a great 8 day training camp that will lead into our final weeks before the race.

Had a wet ride Saturday but got a nice 3600 m swim in on Sunday. My plan for the rest of this week is as follows:

Monday – 50-70 km ride/YOGA

Tuesday – 2000 m swim/90 min run

Wednesday – 110-120 km bike ride/YOGA

Thursday – 2000 m swim/25-27 km run

Friday – YOGA

Saturday – 5 hour bike

Sunday – 3400 m swim

Monday – OFF/YOGA

That should keep me busy and tired for this week. I hope the rain stops today, at least stop in the afternoon so I can squeeze in that bike ride.

Have a great day.

Take care.



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