IMG_0346Tuesday May 9, 4:55 a.m.

Good morning,

We went from winter to summer. No spring. I think this year we had 12 months of winter.😨Maybe not 12 but it felt like 12. This past week was amazing👍 It is crazy how fast the leaves come out once we have a little heat☀️

Sorry I didn’t get this out Monday morning. I got up and went to work, totally forgot to write.

A quiet week of training this past week. I didn’t get a long ride in on Saturday because I had to work. I don’t work weekends typically but I did this past weekend so I was only able to squeeze in a 40 km ride. I decided to ride in the city instead of heading out to the country. As I peddled around I noticed how full the parks were with people out for picnics, throwing the ball around, sun tanning. It was that warm. I got a sunburn on my long run on Friday😎

My long Friday was 22 km and I was able to shave time off the run from when I did it back in March. Granted I didn’t have snow and puddles or extra clothes to contend with but my long run times are improving. I believe this month I will get up to 25 or 27 km for my long run.

Swimming went well but I missed a long swim day late April and one this past Sunday. I need to be fully motivated and rested if I am going to tackle a long swim and the night before both those Sundays I had a function to attend. Not that I stayed out late or anything like that but eating and having a few drinks the night before a long swim seems to de-motivate me. I get up in the morning in time to go but I don’t feel like swimming. 9 years ago, I could go out the night before and train the next day. Not so much now. At least not at 7 am. I will have to pay attention to that and show more discipline going forward. Lucky, I have been putting in long swim days on Sundays for months so I am really happy where my swim fitness is at. I could swim the 3.8 km today. I am on track🏊🏻

My swim is going well and my running is going well. That leaves biking. I am happy with my bike fitness but I haven’t put in as much long days on the bike as I would have hoped by now. April weather didn’t help and work this past weekend. Work shouldn’t get in the way the rest of the training weeks and the weather, well…who knows. This past Thursday I was to ride for about 60-90 minutes but it was 27 celsius outside, blue skies. It was beautiful. So my wife and I decided to go to our local pub and sit on the patio and have a few pints🍺 It was impossible to say no to that offer when it was the first warm, sunny day of the year.

So…now that I have all the excuses out of the way for last week, it is time to get back at it. This week the training is similar to previous weeks however I will have one eye on the upcoming week where I am heading to Kelowna to do a 10 day training camp with a friend of ours. This week’s schedule won’t change but not as intense. I hope to get in 120 km or so on Saturday.

Alright then, off to the pool. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful days that we are having😊

Take care



2 thoughts on “16 WEEKS: WHEN LIFE GETS IN THE WAY.

  1. I’m the same when it comes to a drink or two. I feel fine the next day, but my body just doesn’t have the same power or something. Looking forward to reading about your training camp-have fun!


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