IMG_02755:20 a.m. Monday April 17, 2017


What have I done to upset Mother Nature so much? Last year at this time we were riding outside, the weather was warm. Now, not so much. Holy crap! Winter will not end😡

I am not sure how much snow we received between Friday morning and Sunday morning but it was a lot! I had to put the bike back on the trainer to get my rides in. I haven’t checked the forecast for the next week yet but when I looked at it yesterday it did not look good. I particularly look at the weekends, seeing if I will be able to get outside on my road bike and get a ride in. NOPE!

The photo above was taken on Friday. I ran outside on Friday and within 12 steps my feet were soaked. I know what you are saying, “you should have put on shoes.” 😉 It was so slushy and wet running, it was terrible.

On Saturday I had scheduled a long ride, 4 hours if I was outside. I will not ride indoors for 4 hours. I did that once, in 2008. Won’t do it again. I was able to ride for 2 hours and 10 minutes indoors. I was happy that I could get that done. I know there are still the months of May through August to come but missing some long rides that I have planned has made me a bit nervous. Feels like that part of my training is running out of time. Joe and I are doing a Gran Fondo in Jasper in June. 165 km. I need to get some distance in on my bike before then. I am guessing it will be hilly too😃

I got into the pool yesterday morning and was able to get in 3800 m. Longest swim so far and the distance that I will have to swim in August. No one was at the pool on Sunday. I imagine it was because it was the Easter long weekend. I was only going to do 3500 but somewhere I lost count in my main set so I ended up doing more in my main set than I needed too.😁 My main set was to be 400m/30 sec rest/300m/30 s rest/200m/30 s rest/100m, repeat that 3 times. Warm up and cool down included, 3800 m. I gave myself a high five when I left the pool👍

I was travelling for work for part of the past week. As I have mentioned before, when I am away I do as much running as I can. I was out on Vancouver Island so I had beautiful scenery to keep my mind occupied. The weather was not west coast April weather. Rain and cool in the mornings. No leaves appearing on the trees, the blossoms in Victoria are about 3 weeks late(so I was told). I didn’t bring any gloves or head gear to wear so I had to go buy some to do some of my morning runs.

I don’t stretch at the best of times and when I am travelling for work, I stretch even less. Going from car to meeting to car to airplane, all that sitting is not good for the IT bands and hamstrings. I will need to get refocused on that again this week.

Fingers crossed that Mother Nature will feel sorry for me and at least make Saturday a nice sunny day. If the weather is not so nice, I may have to do the long ride in bad weather anyway. I am tired of riding indoors. I guess we will see what the weekend looks like when the weekend comes.

Will be refocusing on the swim this week. I missed a few days due to my travel schedule so I will want to get back in the pool consistently and put a good week in the pool.

That is about all I have for this week.

Take care and enjoy the day.





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