IMG_0229Sunday April 9, 2017 8:48 pm

Good evening,

Sitting here at the Vancouver airport. Thought I would get this done now since I won’t land until after midnight. I might forget to post a blog on Monday. I am on a road trip, seeing my clients in BC. I was able the squeeze a nice mountain bike ride with my pal Strez and his dog Mika (see above). It was a short one but fun. Ellison Park. 36 minutes of climbing and 10 minutes down👍 Then I had to go back to work.

Typically on my out of town trips I just bring my running gear but Strez has an extra mountain bike so I threw my bike shoes and some gear in so we could ride one of the days. I got a 13 km run in this morning before I headed to more meetings and a flight to Vancouver.

20 weeks and counting. Not looking forward to when these weeks are in the single digits. It is coming too fast now. Hopefully, the weather cooperates when I return so I can get some 4-5 hour rides in. I don’t want to battle cold weather and rain this early in the spring.

Last week I talked about nutrition on the bike. I failed to mention nutrition on the run. On the bike, I have a written plan that I try to follow. Writing it down, memorizing it and executing it to the best of my ability will lead to success on the run. However, you still need to eat and drink on the 42 km run (if you hadn’t figured that out already).

I don’t have a written plan for the run. My plan is this: Run to the first aid station, drink and eat as much as I can while walking through the aid station and then run to the next aid station, repeat.

In previous IRONMAN events, they have had flat coke, chicken soup broth, water of course, some type of electrolyte drink, cookies, pretzels, bananas, etc. I just try to get to each station and drink and eat something and then move on. It is a time to get some fuel but a time to walk and re-group as well. There is plenty of walking during the 42 km run portion of an IRONMAN. I wish I could tell you I only walked at the aid stations. I would be lying😏 The key is to eat and drink and keep moving. Get it done!

If you haven’t taken in proper nutrition on the bike and then try to compensate on the run, it is too late. Your tank is empty and you will not be able to replenish it on the run. It will be a struggle. It will be a struggle anyway but worse without proper nutrition.

They have just called my flight, need to board and get to my next destination. Day off on Monday and then a run Tuesday morning(still travelling) then back to my regular routine Wednesday when I return home. That should be the end of any extended trips until after the IRONMAN so I will be able to focus completely on the day to day training.

Take care



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