22 WEEKS: Recovery

IMG_0109March 27, 2017 10 am

Good morning,

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s blog out. On the road and I had early meetings today.

5 months until race day. Crazy how fast time is flying by. Insane!

This past week was a nice change of pace. A recovery week where I kept all the workouts at a easy effort. Felt like I hardly did anything. I know I got to spend more time with Harley which is always fun. He doesn’t need a recovery week.

The weather has turned for the better. Let’s hope it stays because I am ready to ride outside. If I was home I would have been able to but being on the road for work, it is not conducive to hauling your bike with you. I am getting plenty of runs in. I did a 14km run yesterday, it was a beautiful day. I then got to cap it off with dinner with our best friends and that was fantastic. The food was great, so was the company.

Today, we start again. The final push. Recovery week over, miles increase, start the long rides outside. Can’t wait. Tired of riding inside.

Not much to write about this past week, very quiet week but next week I am going to go into more detail about race day nutrition, eating on the bike and losing weight👍😉

Take care




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